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Meeting Others Today

Meeting Others Today - ESHQ

It’s the conundrum of most twenty-somethings of today – meeting new people. And people you actually like at that. The height of socialization for many comes during a person’s years at college and abruptly ends after graduation. So, how does one exactly meet new people once handed that college diploma?

The immediate answer isn’t so black and white. Maybe you find an awesome work environment right out of college and you meet your future bridesmaid there. Or your work leads you to a new city with endless possibilities of finding your new crowd. Bars are typically filled with interesting characters – but what do you do as a Muslim that isn’t comfortable in that scene?

There’s always the local mosque to meet new people – but let’s be honest, varying cultural norms and a broad religious spectrum can oftentimes make one feel uncomfortable in a space that is meant to provide the most comfort. Ironic, isn’t it?

As millennial Muslims, we’ve certainly adopted new norms that reconcile with both the modernity we are used to and the cultural norms we have grown up with. The alternative has quickly become hookah lounges and restaurants – the ‘halal’ form of socialization that is low-key, fun, and offers the opportunity to meet new people.

But let’s not leave it to just places where smoke clouds a room – social media has been a great catalyst to helping others bond over shared interests. Instagram and Twitter are leading platforms that connect others, regardless of where they are in the world. Though your new BFF living in London may not be ideal, at least you have that new BFF? Right?

This is where the newly redesigned ESHQ app will help you find a closer soulmate. The Muslim “meet new people” app scene is solely for spouses or for dating – and while we’re certainly a proponent for love – ESHQ also recognizes that love isn’t limited to a romantic relationship, nor should it be.

With ESHQ, you can find friends local to you with shared interests and similarities. No more guessing if the person you just met through your second cousin is into weird things. No more guessing if the person behind the screen is, well, an actual person. Whether you’re swiping for love in a spouse or in a friend soulmate, you can turn to ESHQ to ignite the light to your next flame. Whoever and wherever they might be.

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