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Introduction To ESHQ

Introduction To ESHQ - ESHQ

Not Interested. Swipe Left.

Oh, maybe this might lead to something. Swipe Right.

I’m tired and just want to match with anyone. Maniacally Swipe Right.

Cravings. We all have them. No, not that kind of craving for your mom’s favorite dish… rather the yearning for truly authentic human connections with ESHQ, love.

ESHQ is the medium for love. For the bonds that can be created, for the potential of two strangers connecting out of shared passion. ESHQ holds no bounds to the types of love that exists -- whether it is your future spouse or future best-man. We are newly redesigned with you in mind. We strive to connect.

It’s an interesting time for the Muslim community -- we are constantly balancing between our traditional roots and the modern lives we lead hoping to find our own path forward. Ultimately, it is the balance that works for you. ESHQ is the facilitator to help you meet others who uphold your balance.

In order to do that, ESHQ is here to disrupt stigmas around meeting new people. Our new path forward dares to revitalize the Muslim dating market from the tired spousal-only focus. Connections in our modern lives aren’t singularly focused on a future spouse -- neither should our balanced world that includes our full, often complicated, identity. With ESHQ, all love is possible.


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