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How To Start Dating!

How To Start Dating - ESHQ

How to Start Dating: A Beginners Guide to the Modern Dating World.

Remember: You’re not the only one looking for someone to hold close out there and we’ve got a feeling you’ll hardly be the last.

A lot of people want to get out there and start dating, but sometimes they are too shy to put themselves on the market due to fear of rejection. Online dating apps have completely changed the game of looking for modern love, giving users a new and different approach to finding that very special someone. If you’re trying to date right now, go for it. If you’re trying to put yourself out there, go for it. Remember: you’re not the only one looking for someone to hold close out there and we’ve got a feeling you’ll hardly be the last.

1. Take Some Time For Yourself

One of the first things that a person should do is think up the ideal dating scenario that they want for the time being. Does something longterm feel right... or maybe trying something more casual is the way to go right now? Whether you’re busy or have all the time in the world, a person should decide what they are looking for, both in scope and personal interest, before they even start constructing a dating profile or shoot their first “oh hey” text to someone they might be crushing on.

2. Put Yourself Out There

You might be asking yourself: how do I get started dating? It seems like a tough question at first and the best thing to do is to not overthink it. If you are interested in dating at this present time, tell the whole world that you are more than ready and looking. Set up a dating profile and take some delectable selfies. Have the confidence to tell friends or even people you’re interested in that you’re trying to find someone and build a connection. It sure can be anxiety provoking, but you’ll be surprised at how many other people are single and looking to mingle. Pro-tip: never lie. The more honest you are with yourself and what your dating goals are, the more potential dates will respect and see your amplified interest ... not to mention your newfound self-confidence.

3. Self Assurance & Self Esteem

Being shy is extremely common when you start talking, texting, or finally meeting up someone you’re interested in. One of the first things that might happen when you're flustered in this way is a feeling of confusion and worry. What do I say next? Do I sound like an idiot? Is my deodorant working strong enough here?

Shake off that feeling of doubt and personal paranoia. Realize that it is completely natural and the fact that you’re just starting to date, let alone put yourself out there, already shows your confident and self-assured side. Go for who you are interested in without worry, but always have respect for the person as well as what they might be feeling and thinking. Who knows? They may be just as shy and nerved up as you.

4. Tips & Tricks

Everyone likes to feel good. One of the quickest ways to achieve that in the dating world is to cater to yourself. Go out and buy a new outfit to make yourself feel better... not to mention look sharper. A new haircut is always a great idea for men and when it comes to dates, you need to always try your best to look your social best.

You should also remember to smell nice as well. Make sure to buy some quality cologne or perfume. The more you meet that special someone, the more they’ll see how great you look. You’ll feel even more confident in yourself after figuring out what styles, outfits, and scents suit you best.

5. Eyes On The Prize

Once you find someone you’re interested in, move forward with locking down a time to meet up and get to know each other better. Build up anticipation with a text here or there beforehand, just enough attention for the other person to start thinking about you throughout the day. Don’t try to ask too many questions when messaging each other. Keep your eyes on the prize: picking a time and place where you can meet them.

Once you figure that out, you can start figuring out the best way to approach the person. Some people like a lot of attention... others like a solid amount of space. One of the main things you should keep in mind is that approaching someone takes courage and if you’re the least hesitant about meeting someone you’re interested in, the better it is to know they’re probably just as nervous as you.

6. Be Yourself

Once you’re in person together, that’s the time to try and really get to know this person. Ask them what they’re interested in, but make sure not to worry about what exactly you should say next. Overthinking is not only a quick road block to self-assured confidence, but it’s also a total buzzkill when on a date. Focus on listening to the person in front of you as best as you can, and when the time is right, start to show them the different sides of yourself and why you stand out fro the pack. They’re looking to hear about your interests just as much as you are theirs, so if you feel shy or nervous, just remember to push through and keep the conversation genuine. Be yourself and know that that’s enough.

7. Whatever The Outcome

There are two sides to dating: the positive and the negative. However, if a date doesn’t work out, there really is no need to get discouraged. There are billions of people on this planet and one date not going as planned is certainly not something to sulk about. If anything, you should take pride in putting yourself out there and continue to do so. Whether it’s good or bad, the more experience the better you a re for your dating future. Rejection can be hard to hear, but in the long run, it only leads to stronger sense of self.

If all goes well and you secure a second or multiple dates, start to think about where this relationship is headed. Does this person match the outline of that you wanted before you started looking for someone? Are you as ready to commit as you thought you were? Remember: overthinking can ruin the fun of finding love, but when it comes to starting a stable relationship and building a life with your partner, a little thinking doesn’t hurt.

8. How To Sustain A Healthy Relationship

When you think you’ve got somebody worth dating for, you will pretty much do anything to keep the relationship afloat. The two of you might have several weeks, months, or years together, so figuring out your partner’s needs and goals is a go to objective. What makes him smile? What makes her laugh? Two important questions, sure, but don’t forget to go beyond the usual and focus on the personal. What can we do together? What can I do to be a better boyfriend/girlfriend?

Try your best to be yourself and keep your partner interested. Yet, at the same time, don’t settle for someone that you don’t feel is giving you the proper time of day. If you feel that something isn’t working, speak out and say it to your partner. Some issues can be worked out. If they don’t, it might be time to let it go.

On the other hand, if you get rejected, take the positive route. Know that you’re single and take some time to yourself to ponder what you really want next. Whether it’s a new relationship or a pint of ice cream, realize that rejection takes some time to get over and that you are more than worthy of doing whatever you want for yourself. Don’t let one person from your past continue to ruin how great of a future you could have for yourself dating wise.

A Final Word…

Dating can be fun or tough for some folks, but at the end of the day it all depends how you view it personally. Using a dating app like ESHQ can help increase your chances of finding someone, and with these treasured dating tips, you’ll be out of the gate with a fresh head start, feeling confident and ready to show the world how great of catch you truly are.

Go get 'em.


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